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Project Management

We often find our clients are “we are worried by the unknown” – and we as Project Managers therefore see our prime role as demystifying the design and the building processes.

Some clients find it difficult to know how to set about solving their problems. We, as Project Managers, are experienced and specialise in offering a complete project management solution to minimise the unknown and ensure the project remains on budget – lets not forget, we are working with your most valuable asset – your home.

The reason why we stand head and shoulders above our competition is because we are able to provide either:

  • a fully independent management service overseeing the project from inception to final certification; or
  • a full build service where we manage our own work – the testimonials speak for themselves.
  • Like many Project Managers, we have a close relationship with many specialist traders such as Interior Designers, Engineer’s and Surveyors. However, unlike many Project Managers we offer you with one contact who will be your ONLY contact – providing a one-stop service bringing together an entire team of knowledge and experience. This will involve meetings when it is convenient for you (potentially 7 days a week).

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