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Design & Planning

During this stage we will translate your aspirations onto paper, using the measured survey as the base of the design.

We will complete a first draft and meet with you to discuss our ideas. As we take time to understand our clients brief, we are proud the first draft on all our projects has been what the client has asked for. We will then amend any drawings, if necessary, and re-meet to discuss prior to the drawings being signed off.

Once we have the drawings at the stage our client is happy to proceed, we will pull together the planning documents. This is usually extensive and will include a full set of plans, elevations and sections, location plans, planning application forms, and depending where the property is located (near the Thames) and if it is Listed or in Conservation Area, will include a number of further documents such as Heritage Statements, Flood Risk Assessments, Design and Access Statements amongst others.

Plans (drawings)

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